We are proud to be part of the Memorial Pak Master Plan and vision.  The 2011 drought was devastating to the park with the loss of so many old growth trees.  From this has come a renewed future for Memorial Park. Commissioned by Memorial Park Conservancy Pepper Creak Creations is milling old growth pecan trees for split log benches. 

With the help of some heavy equipment, the park loaded 6 pine and one oak log they harvested from the restoration of the park.  We transported the log to our Wood Mizer www.woodmizer.com mill in Lometa, TX.  The logs were cut to 7 feet lengths and ripped twice to create the seat width and depth required by the park.  A separate log was milled to be the back rest.  The ends of the logs were treated to decrease checking of the logs. We removed the bark, clamp and store the logs in the warehouse in Lometa to begin the drying process.  The final drying process was kiln drying to remove insects and further reduce the moisture content. 

At the warehouse the moisture content is 7-10%.  The logs will be delivered to Memorial Park on July 7, 2021.  It has been raining daily in Houston since June 1st.The wood will adjust very quickly to the high humidly and will need to remain clamped.  Keep an eye out for the split log benches coming to Memorial Park.