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[toggle title=”Can I commission a specific size?”]

Yes, commissioned projects are by appointment only. Once the client has set up a meeting they can select a piece of wood from our inventory that best suits the needs of the project.


[toggle title=”Do you work with designers?” inactive=”true”]

Yes, we use an in-house designer to create totally unique pieces for our clients.


[toggle title=”What types of payments do you accept?” inactive=”true”]

We accept cash and check. All projects require a non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of the wood. Once the wood has been cut it cannot be undone so a non-refundable deposit is necessary.


[toggle title=”Where is your showroom?” inactive=”true”]

The showroom is currently in development. It will be a warehouse full of our lumber inventory located at:

105 E. Railroad Street


[toggle title=”Do you deliver?” inactive=”true”]

Customers interested in lumber services must set up an appointment to review the inventory before purchasing it.

Customers interested in commissioning a piece must also set up and appointment to walk through the inventory and select the wood that they might want for their project.


[toggle title=”Cleaning Instructions” inactive=”true”]

Maintenance for custom pieces is very minimal. Tung oil can be rubbed on pieces approximately every 4 years, or if wood is looking dull. For regular cleaning, basic dusting is fine.

Never use a wet towel or leave anything wet on your piece, it will leave a mark that will not come out.