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5th Generation Master Woodworkers

Custom Sawmill, Urban Logging
Custom Sawmill, Urban Logging
Custom Sawmill, Urban Logging
Custom Sawmill, Urban Logging

Over Five Decades of Experience

5th Generation Texan and Master Woodworker

Dennis Banks, is a 5th generation Texan and master woodworker from Houston, Texas. His passion for woodworking began at Spring Branch High School in Mr. Joe Taylor’s woodworking class at the age of 14. At the age of 15 he was building Grandfather clocks and wall clocks, many of which are still running and adorn the walls many offices. Dennis’ cabinet making skills where finely honed by John Schaper, a 50’s era master whom came out of retirement to work solely with Dennis.

With 40 years in the construction industry, restoring Historic Heights bungalows and custom built homes for exclusive clientele, Dennis has gifted each of the owners with a unique piece of wood décor (custom floor inlays, hand crafted bar & vanity tops, wine racks, and one of a kind porch balusters and mantels).

While Dennis has always had a fully furnished wood shop, he started running a large commercial saw mill, which gave him an almost unlimited variety and supply of unique local wood. Dennis has shifted 100% of his time and passion to urban logging and crafting custom made wooden pieces which incorporate the individual tastes of his clients and often the personal history and legacy of their own trees. His passion for woodwork continues to increase with each Heirloom quality creation.

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