article-1-thumbWe use Texas native wood and reclaimed wood from Texas.

We design in response to the material, making decisions that best highlight the unique features of each piece of wood.






Reclaimed woodTo the left is a picture of a very special story on cabinets built from reclaimed wood. Post 9/11 Dennis Banks was given the opportunity to salvage from the Houston Ship Channel wooden yacht cradle used to stabilize multimillion dollar Grand Banks Yachts during shipping. The wood is from a variety of trees from the rainforest of Thialand. Reclaimed in Texas and saved from being buried as trash. The wood was used to make custom cabinets for a Galveston beachfront property.




Butterfly Key Inventory

Butterfly keys are set to accent and stabilize the wood.  Reinforcing any cracks that naturally occur during the drying process.  Butterfly Key Walnut