This client’s home has a modern design with clean, crisp lines, a simple color palette.  Rather than replace all kitchen countertops with the same hard surface material the owner elected to bring warmth into the kitchen by replacing the breakfast bar and bar top with Texas native pecan. 

To make sure the two countertop are a perfect match we started with one 13’ long slab from an old growth pecan tree what was 30” wide and 3 ½” thick.  This requires a few helpers to unload this 316 pound beast.










To level or flatten the slab we used a router.  For a slab this wide it required that we build a router sled that allow sore multiple controlled passes over the surface of the slab to level out the surface.  

Once level we strategically cut the slab into two pieces and shaped the countertops to match the curves in the walls.

The first coat of finish brought out the natural characteristics of the wood grain.  Texas native pecan never disappoints the client with the movement of the growth patterns.  The heartwood, dark reddish brown center of the tree, is spectacular with the mild grey accents.  The countertops also included a slight amount of the sapwood, the lighter white wood nearest the bark.   The client is extremely pleased with the final project.