Custom Sawmill Services

custom milling services

Large slab surfacing, custom milling, dimensioning, planing and sanding.

Pepper Creek Creations provide an extensive range of custom sawmill services that includes: large slab surfacing, custom milling, dimensioning, planning, and sanding. We provide the following services on-site:

Large Slab Surfacing

Pepper Creek Creation offer large slab surfacing for slabs up to 60” wide, resawing, surface sanding, width and straight line ripping. We work with local tree removal services to help you take down and mill trees on your property with our urban logging services. Our five decades of custom sawmill service experience has enabled us to amass an extensive inventory of hardwood slabs, beams, dimensional lumber in our hardwood inventory warehouse. We encourage you to tour mill to find that perfect project piece four your next wood working work of art.

Custom Sawmill Services

Custom Sawmill Services:

Timber Surfacing


Hardwood Surfacing

Straight Line Ripping

Slab Edge Trimming

Bevel Resawing

Ripping to Width

Drying Services

Custom Sawmill Services

Our Custom Sawmilling Services Include:

Log processing and cutting: We can cut dimensional or custom lengths and widths from your rough-cut log.

Large Custom Lumber Cuts: Your large custom lumber cuts are only limited by the size of our hardwood inventory or by the log you provide.

Why Local Loggers Choose Pepper Creek Creations

We work with many local loggers, city municipalities, conservationists, property developers, and landowners in the Texas Hill Country and all across the state of Texas. Our respect for the sawmill process and the environment are why we are called to assist in removing trees that will be processed at our sawmill in Lometa, Texas.

Live edge slabs can be flattened, edges can be straightened, and cut to specific sizes. This vast range of custom sawmill services makes Pepper Creek Creations the first choice among many local loggers.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

If you have a project that you are getting ready to start, or if you have a project started and you are looking for the finishing touch, we can help. You may call us at (713) 899-4587, or fill out the information below and we will contact you shortly.

Custom Sawmill Services
Custom Sawmill Services

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