Bartlett Pear Tree – It might appear to be a small log but when you consider the size of the ornamental pear tree in your yard, this is a score. Pear wood has a very delicate texture and quiet dignity making it a fantastic wood. It would not be practical as a primary wood in a large project such as a dining table or chest of drawers. Rather, it stands out as a contrast or accent wood to flashier or more deeply pigmented or figured woods. Consider using it as drawer fronts and panels in frame and panel designs.

A few years back we scored a few pieces of a pear tree stump from a curb side trash pile. The tree trunk had been cut into small pancake pieces. We used the wood to make small heart shaped boxes. It was a very easy wood to work as pear is a hard wood and moderately dense. I would show you a picture of the final product but my phone has since been stolen and they were the first heart shape boxes to be sold.  We also made charcuterie boards.  They were also the first to be sold.  Such beautiful wood.

This tree is now at the warehouse and headed for the kiln.  It will be ready in just a few days for you fine woodworking project.  Call if interested 713-899-4587